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Q.  How is it possible to watch 3D movies and view 3D pictures without glasses?

  1. Using state-of-the-art Parallax Barrier display technology, NAV-3D media players and 3D camera viewfinders allow users to passively view three dimensional content with the naked eye by "tricking" them into thinking they are viewing multi-layered images.
    From Wikipedia: A parallax barrier is a device placed in front of an image source, such as a liquid crystal display, to allow it to show a stereoscopic image or multiscopic image without the need for the viewer to wear 3D glasses. Placed in front of the normal LCD, it consists of a layer of material with a series of precision slits, allowing each eye to see a different set of pixels, so creating a sense of depth. The slits in the parallax barrier allow the viewer to see only left image pixels from the position of their left eye, right image pixels from the right eye.

Q.  How do I transfer files onto my media player?

  1. All NAV-3D media players come with a built-in flash drive with up to 4GB of storage, enough to store thousands of 3D pictures or 60-80 minutes of high definition 3D video.
    Files can be easily transferred to and from your NAV-3D media player by using a mini-USB adapter (included with purchase). Once connected, the player will be automatically recognized as a plug-and-play storage device by almost any PC or Mac computer. Files can then be transferred back and forth like any other storage device. Furthermore, files can also be transferred between devices using SD or Micro-SD memory cards (depending on the model). For large files such as full length 3D movies, it is highly recommended to use SD memory cards to maximize storage capacity.

Q.  How do I get my NAV-3D media player to play photos & videos in 3D?

  1. All NAV-3D media players can play both 2D and 3D content. In order for the software to properly recognized 3D files, you must add a [3D] prefix in front of the file name.
    3D media files that do not have the [3D] prefix in the file name will display two separate 2D images in side-by-side format as shown in the picture on the right. By adding the [3D] prefix, the software will automatically convert the two images into a single three dimensional image. For standard 2D files, simply leave off the [3D] prefix and the file will display as normal.

Q.  Where can I obtain content for my NAV-3D media player?

  1. There are a variety of ways to expand your collection of 3D photos and videos:
  • DOWNLOAD full length 3D HD movies from our partner Learn More >
  • CAPTURE your own 3D pictures and videos using any of our 3D cameras & camcorders. Shop Now >
  • EXTRACT the digital copy from a physical 3D Blu-ray or DVD to your computer, add the [3D] prefix in front of the file name, and transfer the file to your NAV-3D media player.
  • BROWSE the internet to find hundreds of third party websites offering 3D content. A simple Google Search for the term "3D SBS" yields hundreds of results. NOTE: NAV-3D does not endorse any third party content provider other than Download at your own risk.

Q.  Can I edit the 3D videos captured on my NAV-3DCAM?

  1. Yes, it is possible to do professional quality editing on any video captured onto a NAV-3DCAM. Videos are captured in Side-by-Side (SBS) .AVI format for quick and easy integration with a wide variety of video editing software.
    There are a plethora of applications available specifically designed for editing 3D videos. Click here to see a list of recommended programs to meet your specific needs. It is important to note that 3D videos result from using two separate camera lenses to capture videos from two different angles, therefore all footage must be edited in side-by-side format to preserve the original quality and depth. For additional information, please refer to the help documentation from the 3D video editing software provider.

Q.  Can I watch the videos filmed on my NAV-3DCAM on any 3D television?

  1. Most 3D televisions will support video playback for any video captured using a NAV-3DCAM. To play back videos on a 3D TV, users can connect the camera directly to the television using an HDMI or VGA connection. Or, users can copy videos to any PC or Mac computer where the videos can then be transferred onto any preferred playback media. The files can be copied to an SD Memory card and played by most Smart 3D TVs, or burned onto a blank DVD and played on most DVD players. We recommend checking with your TV manufacturer to verify compatibility.

Q.  The item I want is out of stock or unavailable. What can I do?

  1. Due to increasing demand and limited supply for NAV-3D technology, items do sell out quickly and it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to restock our inventory. You can place a Special Order to be guaranteed to receive your item once new inventory is available, or if you prefer you can sign up for our mailing list to be notified when your item is back in stock.
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Q.  What is your return policy and warranty?

  1. NAV-3D offers a 7-day money back guarantee for all items, 30-day exchange for defective items, and 1-year factory warranty that covers repair cost for defective items. More details can be found in our complete Terms & Conditions.

Q.  Why haven't I heard of NAV-3D before?

  1. NAV-3D was formed with the specific purpose of combining 3D display technology with 3D photo/video capture technology, and making 3D content more accessible than ever. NAV-3D technology is so new, it has never been made available for sale to a public audience until now. In cooperation with our partners, NAV-3D aims to bring these new innovations in three dimensional display technology to general consumers for the first time in history. As with most new technologies, the companies that create them are often a well kept secret until the technology is ready to launch. Now is that time!