Glasses-Free 3D Digital Media Players


Glasses-Free 3D Digital Cameras

Discover the ultra-portable, most affordable 3D media player in the world. Featuring a 6.0" auto-stereoscopic 3D LCD, 4GB flash memory and long-lasting lithium-ion battery, you can watch all of your favorite 3D movies for hours on end!
Capture dazzling 3D videos and pictures with the camera that fits in your pocket. A unique swivel design puts 3D motion capture technology at your fingertips, and a built-in SD card slot, USB and HDMI ports allow for fast, seamless integration.

Sleek, stylish and incredibly immersive, the NAV3D8 brings a quality 3D experience to your home or office like no other product has ever done before. With its 8.0" 3D LCD display and 1280x768 resolution, it will completely blow your mind.
While it may look like any standard point-and-shoot camera, upon further inspection you will quickly realize it is so much more. With the ability to capture 720P 3D video and 5.0-Megapixel 3D pictures, it's perfect for any 3D enthusiast.

Unique, innovative and designed for mobility, the NAV3D8B offers all of the immersive depth of the NAV3D8, plus the added benefit of a swappable battery, making it the ideal travel companion for endless hours of 3D fun!
A pinnacle of modern innovation, this 3D camcorder will capture full 1080P 3D video and high resolution 3D photos, making it possible to relive all of those memorable experiences with unprecedented lifelike realism.