NAV 3D Technologies Showcased at CES 2013. (Booth #31280)

Jan 30th, 2013 - Las Vegas, NV - Earlier this month, over 3,000 exhibitors showed off thousands of amazing new technological innovations to over 150,000 attendees at this year's annual Consumer Electronics Show. During the show it was announced that WYNIT Distribution (, a major national distributor headquartered in Syracuse, NY, will carry NAV-3D Technologies as their featured new product line in 2013. With their new collection of glasses-free 3D digital media players, cameras and camcorders, NAV-3D created a strong buzz among CE enthusiasts and made a name for themselves among various major North American retailers and distributors.

"We are excited and honored to be selected as one of WYNIT's featured suppliers at the CES trade show," said Matthew Gross of NAV-3D Technologies. "We recognize WYNIT to be an ideal distribution partner due to their long history of success with consumer electronics, and we feel the NAV-3D product line will fit perfectly into their impressive product catalog."

NAV-3D Introduces Portable Glasses-Free 3D Devices at Affordable Prices

While big names like LG, Samsung and Panasonic focused primarily on dazzling viewers with bigger and brighter high definition 3D TVs, few manufacturers mentioned anything about introducing 3D displays on smaller form factors. NAV-3D aims to be a first-to-market innovator in this space as the first OEM to introduce a full line of portable 3D media players available to consumers starting as low as $199.

By incorporating the latest advancements in 3D technology, NAV-3D's digital media players enable users to watch immersive 3D movies and view lifelike 3D photos with their naked eyes. This is done by embedding the filter normally found in 3D glasses directly into the LCD display, "tricking" the eyes into thinking they are seeing two separate images creating a sense of depth. NAV-3D cameras add a whole other dimension by allowing consumers to capture and share their own 3D content without ever needing to wear 3D glasses.

Experts believe the reason 3D technology hasn't taken off yet is mainly due to high prices, limited content and an aversion to wearing 3D glasses. NAV-3D solves these problems by eliminating the need for 3D glasses, and by offering users the option to bundle 3D media players with 3D cameras to create their own 3D photos and videos.

NAV-3D Product Information and Availability

Those in attendance at CES had the opportunity to see the products hands-on, participate in interactive product demonstrations and meet the NAV-3D team. During the show, six products were on display that incorporated all of the latest naked eye 3D display technology:

  • NAV3D6, NAV3D8 and NAV3D8B Digital Media Players:
    Download and watch full length 3D movies, or play back homemade 3D videos, photo slideshows, music and e-books with a glasses free 6.0" or 8.0" autostereoscopic 3D display. They can also be used for instant playback of 3D media captured with nearly any 3D camera, making them an ideal companion for any 3D filmmaker and photographer.

  • NAV3DCAM-10, NAV3DCAM-11 and NAV3D8CAM-12 Digital Cameras and Camcorders:
    Whether documenting a family get together, recording a vacation getaway, sporting event or just partying with friends, there is nothing quite like reliving those special moments with lifelike realism. All NAV-3D cameras and camcorders come with built-in glasses free 3D viewfinders, so users can see exactly what their photos and videos will look like before pressing record. And because NAV-3D cameras and media players all use SD or Micro-SD memory cards, content can be quickly transferred between devices and played back instantly from literally anywhere.

The complete NAV-3D collection is now available for pre-order at and is expected to begin shipping in Q2 2013. Resellers interested in carrying the NAV-3D product line can apply to become an authorized reseller by filling out the following reseller application or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.